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The Legal Navigator marketing system establishes you as THE Legal Resource in your market

Why Choose Us?


The Legal Navigator increases your Personal Injury law firm’s trust, visibility, conversions, and ultimately amount of signed cases. This marketing system has led to numerous high value cases including a multi-million dollar case in Las Vegas.


We understand this process can be frustrating and very time consuming. The Legal Navigator saves you time and money by being your sole point of contact for your entire marketing ecosystem.


The Legal Navigator is trademarked and licensed to one Personal Injury law firm per MSA.

Our System


Developing a customized plan for your market is crucial to the success of your campaign. We listen to you, understand your firm’s goals, then develop a plan of action to maximize results.


Creating a well-rounded lead generation foundation involves crafting strategies for both the short and long term. By establishing your firm as a household name in the market, you gain a competitive edge, as legal consumers actively search for your firm by name.


Command attention and captivate your audience with a compelling branding and content strategy using The Legal Navigator. Our creative crew will craft a distinctive brand identity that resonates with your target market.


The Legal Navigator marketing system provides a marketing experience that delivers tangible results. Our comprehensive range of services and suite of tools are designed to accelerate your personal injury law firm's growth.


Understanding the legal consumer’s journey and placing your firm in front of them along the way creates more and better leads. The Legal Navigator marketing system customizes a conversion strategy that turns these leads into clients.

About Us

Mark Moore is the creator of The Legal Navigator marketing system. He’s been working over 25+ years with Personal Injury law firms and is experienced in creating a recognizable brand for law firms in this highly competitive area of law. Working with firms across the country gives him a broad understanding of the legal industry. He understands how to develop your brand in any market.